Yeah so i'm not very happy with my current "job"

When i applied, they asked for a couple tests to access what i know, a simple CRUD, designing some databases according to the needs of hipothetical clients etc. It was simple, but i've made myself clear that i was a beginner.

They proposed to me to work in the support team, to gain knowledge so then i could work with the Dev team. The excuse was that the project was "too big" to wrap my head around it right now. And i was to familiarize myself by _using_ the software while in support.

Welp i guess they believe that poking at the black box and getting outputs instead of looking what's inside is a better way to understand how it works. Besides, most of what i do is migrate client retail data, basically picking data from one database and putting in a particular structure to be able to import in the new system (from our company) so if i'm learning something is about the structure of other retail softwares.

So far, they didn't give me any feedback on the tests i've send them (the crud and stuff), because nobody had the time to look at it, literally, i can see who accessed my files and nobody has ever opened it.

So there i am, in a dark corner of the room, far away from my "team". In the first week i made a simple portable app that automated at least 50% of my work, showed it to them and they liked it. But now i was spending half my time doing nothing, sometimes a whole day doing nothing.

They said i were to be trained to be on support, but they didn't train me, and i'm 90% sure they expect me to be rovering over their pcs while they're doing stuff and ask what is it that they're doing. I'm not doing it, it's invasive, i personally hate to have people close to me asking what i'm doing. So i spend my time in the corner refactoring my app and learning new stuff.

They wanted to send my app to some partners that also migrate systems, so of course i asked for a code review before it was rolled to "production". Welp no, nobody looked at my code, and they send it anyway.

Now the head of the company asked me to do an app to easy the emission of tax tickets, and i'm doing it, alone again, while no one is available to look at my code. I was learning as i go, and that meant refactoring the project multiple times because i didn't know about desktop app architecture and design back then (it's _kind_ of MVVM rn). And so far it's in the thousands of lines of code.

This whole thing is very dismotivating, i'm basically working as freelancer but with company designated restraints, my code has never been read by other people besides me. If i speak about a security flaw in their system, they don't even bother to listen. And so far i'm not officially in any team, and it's been 3 months. I'm tired of doing things by myself.

Thank you for reading.

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    Atleast you have a job! My advice, learn more stuff and start applying for other roles while still keeping this one as a back-up.
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    Sadly my experience is that juniors are often left alone without proper support.
    Hiring a junior should not be about getting a cheap human resource. But ofc delivering is always more important right? Except if you don't teach the junior they will procude crappy code and you'll have to deal with that later. Also, noone starts working like pro right out of school. Have some empathy.
    I still regret not having more time to help out a former junior coworker. He is a nice guy and generally fun to talk to. Hope he is doing well now.
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