Unable to fetfh data..

This codebase is my NIGHTMARE. Abandon all your common sense and throw away your education. I thought I've spoken enough when the other developer asked what the problem was and I said, "The code looks like a maze, to be honest." But I spoke too fast. Not only is someone's project structure so avant-garde that it can't be understood in a three dimensional world, it's also so damn hopeless, not even Jesus can save it.

Imagine debugging this fecal matter and before you even go through an in-depth investigation, you are halted by something as simple as searching for a variable. Ah, you want to know how they're fetching (sorry, "fetfhing") the country code? Simple enough, search for "country". No results? You dummy, it's "coutry"! Come on, how can you not know that?!

Oh, you want to correct all the trash? Too bad I stuck with the misspellings and dragged it all the way to my test cases. You want to proceed anyway? Well, I don't know. Do you have access to the other repositories that also use the APIs in this code that return those fucked up responses and will probably fail because I spawned this monster of child and I'm sticking to it up to the very end? Are you sure you want to do that, you little bitch?

I'm seeing red. I think my eyes are bleeding.

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    Good lord that sounds terrible
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    @kescherRant Date picker?
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    @rutee07 Yes. I believe you mentioned "dets" in a previous rant of yours.
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    @kescherRant Oh yes, that one was from my previous account with Supermario brothers mustache man. Hahaha. You have good memory! And yes, they are from the same country. :D
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    I actually laughed out loud at "mencache - caching for men" xD

    Ouch, sounds terrible.
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    Shouldn't common sense be a prerequisite for, like, anything in life?
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    Whenever you have to touch the beast, fix one additional random thing (start with indenting, followed by spelling). Grep all the code for it and fix it wherever it emerges.
    Code quality will slowly improve that way.
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    I used to work with someone who would make mistakes like these and never fix them again. kek
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    Why did I read the names like I was a retarded T-rex ?
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