Someone’s argument against using a reverse proxy in front of our services, after I gave them some valid reasons to use one: “it adds an extra layer of complexity” and “that’s like going back to the 90’s” and “who’s going to support that”.

Drives me insane, fair enough if you’ve got a valid technical reason not to do it then fine, but come on.

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    math is hard...
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    Yet, our infrastructure manager has spent months trying to implement clustering with IIS, I shit you not.

    How about fuck IIS, what a dog shit piece of software, even ms is ditching it
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    Reverse proxies are absolutely necessary if you care at all about security. In fact you should have two layers of reverse proxies opposite each other with proper firewalls. Nothing bad can come in, nothing secret can come out
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    Exactly, but they’d rather expose an IIS server directly to the web.

    There are multiple heavy web apps all written in .net and of course using IIS that run like dog shit.

    Sure there are firewalls, but that goes without saying.

    I suggested moving to .net core and using a decent web server as a reverse proxy with some containers in a cluster but was shot down as it’s also, “too complex”.

    No, it’s not complex, that is our fucking job!

    If they want to continue with shitty slow web servers exposed directly to the web then I can’t stop them
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    The joys of the windows server ecosystem. Love the dotnet, hate the IIS as the saying goes.
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