Anybody knows a good tutorial series (on YouTube or udemy) to start programming in Java to make an Android application? I tried in C# with Xamarin, but it is a nightmare...

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    Programming with Java is just as big of a nightmare. Try React native. They don't have a video course but there is a very comprehensive text tutorial
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    @shoop thanks! I will try that!
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    Yeah, Java is surely just as big of a nightmare as Xamarin.
    But I would definitely not call React Native better than them in any form. It is only useful if you already know React and wish to use that knowledge (which also is true for Xamarin/C# and Java).

    If you know Javascript (or better Typescript) you could also try Nativescript. It is not as big of a platform as React (Native) but is less cluttered and much easier to learn.
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    @Benedikt thanks! I will take a look at that too!
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    Java sucks. If you're hell-bent on that, learn Kotlin at least.
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    This is a good tutorial for Android + Java. All our interns started their journey in Android App Development through this tutorial. I highly recommend this, if youre a beginner. here's the link: https://udemy.com/course/...

    And those who hate Java+Android, I respect their choices. They are not wrong, they just have a different perspective. I like Android Development using Java for so many reasons. You might also come to like it, who knows? First give it a try and then decide...
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    @Xoka Thank you very much! I am going to watch this and try the other stuff that everybody else raccomanded me.
    Thank you all!
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    android programming in general is a nightmare.
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    Xamarin is like mobile programming... Java is like C#...

    While u do need some basic Java knowledge, you then need to really learn the Android SDK and not like Spring, Hibernate, etc

    And the question is do you want to support iOS, otherwise I think native Android SDK is better....or at least if you need root access...

    And now I've made 2 comments in a row about root and Android.... lol
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    Can't believe people calling native development a nightmare... And suggests js frameworks, this should be a nightmare
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    Honestly, try to go the Android studio and Kotlin way.
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