I haven't coded for a week which is the longest I've gone without a commit in about 4 years. People are bitching worldwide about deaths and total economy collapse and I'd probably give a shit if forced isolation hadn't completely fucked up a routine that took years for me to perfect.

My productivity before COVID-19 was showing me six figures and I had a perfect work:life balance. Now my coworkers are just ranting back-and-forth, sharing memes, hypothesising about how much this is going to fuck the planet and what it will mean for our jobs when we finally go back. A few of my coworkers have returned but my department is changing projects so I've got to wait at least another week.

If it wasn't for my partner starting her first day at a kickass new job tomorrow, my mates and the hobby projects I've got, I don't even know...

I'm glad my country is taking isolation so seriously and I don't care if I'm not making money for a while. I just wish I could help some of my friends who have lost fucking everything, seemingly all because some people want to drink bat piss and think there won't be any consequences.

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    Dude, I know that feeling! Haven't been working out since 2 weeks now, eating a lot of shit... that sucks!

    Where are u from?
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