Does anyone here know how the following functions.
For example your mobile network provider gives you ability to use WhatsApp (because you subscribed to that data bundle) and then you can only watch video people send you in whatsapp , audio, and pictures but no other apps can use it ?
Thanks for explanation in advance. If you are able to give it details, do it please

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    That kind of bundle is illegal here. Net neutrality somewhat persists, aside from article 13...
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    I think they white list the traffic of the app.
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    The domains used by whatsapp are public.
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    They simply scan the packets.
    Destinations and sources can not be encrypted for obvious reasons.
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    Simply, the operator knows your packet destination, for example, if you want to download image from whatsapp, usually whatsapp request an access to its website/domain, then your request will be checked by the operator, if the request is to access whatsapp, then it's allowed.

    Imagine your mobile operator is having a big router or firewall that can limit your access based on your subscription bundle.
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    @ibndias make thinks more clear thanks 👍
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