Just saw a post of lolcube that he lost 20 bucks.

Made me think how digital money should work. I mean, is it possible? Bitcoins are a great idea, but putting the environment under huge stress. Is there any way of digitalising your money, without handing over a government the means of completely shutting your purchase power down remotely? And doing so without being an environmental nightmare?

I actually know little about crypto currencies, so enlighten me, devranters!

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    Shoutout for inspiring the rant
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    Well it sadly isn't that easy... Thanks for the shoutout btw ^^
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    Bitcoin protocol is more a "proof of concept" protocol, as it appeared quite early and didn't account for a whole lot of things. The reason it remains a crypto currency of choice is merely down to its prevalence and support it got in the early days, and the fact it's considered the most "mature" currency.

    Over the time many other protocols evolved along with their own currencies though, like tangle (to do a transaction, you have to sign a number of other people's transactions) or Stellar Consensus Protocol (Federated Byzantine Agreement), and they have a more realistic real-world application thanks to low latency and power consumption - providing we can actually agree on one of these currencies.
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