I have got a question for the people here that do programs or stuff for work: were you a tech enthusiast? Did you always liked computers or found out later that you liked them? Or you don't like using computers and just doing it for the money?

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    I got interested in computing at a very young age, started using the Commodore 64s and Amigas of friends, then got my own Amiga 2000, changed to a PC with Windows 95 after I started studying, and quite enjoyed building my own PCs from parts. I also did the inevitable tech support for family members, bombed my studies of Computer Science due to laziness, and ended up in tech support where I'm currently earning a relatively good salary. I would love to pivot my career towards software development but I feel that I would have to start from almost zero, and earn a lot less than I do now, at least for a while.
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    Always liked em. Also can’t imagine how can anyone do this for money, there are less painful ways of self-torture.
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    @SomeNone why not trying to make a simple startup, like the millions there are in the world today? Most of them fail, but you can keep your tech support job for now and in the evening or afternoon, you start working to some software that you will sell. I know, saying his is very much easier than doing it, but if you love programming or computers in general, why not doing it? And if in the worst case, you fail, you still have your tech support job. But I am just a 14 yo, I don't know how this works 😂
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    I played computer video games all my life. Half life and starcraft in lan parties. Warcraft II, cs 1.x and so on... After having failed at computing uni at 18 i went to do a whole bunch of different shit. At 25 i went to study philosophy. When i finished my friend offered me a job at his start up. He taught me and i worked for free. Did that for 3 years. Shit didnt work out i left. 2 month later found a job as react developer. Got 2 raises in about. 8 months adding about 30% to what i started on and qualified as a mid lvl react developer.

    Im not amazing but i code like i play video games ;) so fast but i do lack in precision and some computer science and subtleties but overall i know that if i try hard enough and bother enough people i can find the solution.

    Its all about your profile. The rest is time and investment.
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    Yes, i just dont like writing code for money.
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    I remember the exact moment that sparked my interest in computers (other than play things); I was playing Prince of Persia in the computer lab in my elementary school (the side-scrolling one not the one they based that Jake Gyllenhaal movie of) and then some kid came in started a new game and typed "prince megahit" instead of typing just "prince" and proceeded to destroy the game with cheats and shit.

    It impressed the shit out of me so much that I pestered my uncle who was an electrical engineer to explain how it worked. It was love at first sight.
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    I didn’t go to public school so would finish my school work. Then I played with a PC until it broke, reinstalled the OS, then played again. I used a lot of digital art tools like Corel Draw and Photoshop which i bought at garage sales. I would spend online time with crazy hacking tools. Then was a period when I was too poor to afford a computer. Then I got into graphic design professionally which led to web design. Which led to development. So computers have always been a tool more than a subject.
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