Today feels like a proper april's fool,

Bought an aftermarket(?) lightning cable online, which didn't work, had to request for a replacement and wait for 7-30 days (never buy aukey products again),

Got diarrhea from god knows what, been maintaining my meals, couldn't figure out why,

Apple is at it again with the apple sign in

Apparently they "made a mistake" in approving our app back in december last year

That our apple sign in flow isn't compliant to the "regulation" (well partially maybe, but they have been approving it so far)

So they requested we change apple sign in flow

After a lengthy discussion with the cto, we came to a viable solution, though I must test something out first,

Unfortunately just yesterday I updated my ios to 13.4, previously 13.2 but the wifi part (top right back to back with camera) keeps heating during charging, so I figured it's time for an update

Thus I couldn't test on real device because my xcode is outdated, need 11.4 (previously 11.2)

And to use xcode 11.4, I have to use at leasts OSX Catalina 10.15.2

So I tried downloading the xcode first, ETA 1 hour, which failed after every 15 mins and had to restart everytime

Xcode download failed, moved on to downloading Catalina update, same ETA 1 hour, but keeps failing between 3-4 GB of downloaded data

Everytime I restarted, it always starts from 510 MB, I figured the partial download might be corrupted

Tried to find the download cache delete it but no avail

Bought DaisyDisk license to find the file, file found but cannot be deleted, and I don't think I have enough balls to meddle with system files

Currently trying the force update with cmd + option + R command

Seems to be progressing well, hopefully I don't jinx it

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    Good luck quack
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    Random diarrhea is the first symptom of the ‘rona 😳
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    @jeeper there are many "first"s though. But yeah go to a doctor asap.
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    @jeeper @melezorus34 seems to be nothing to worry about, got the family doctor, not that I can get a proper checkup anyway (in a remote area), everything's back to normal the next day,

    Seems to be a case of bad tofu (most possible) or some other things gone bad, so much for watching what I ate 🤷🏻‍♂️
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