I don't know why the fuck the manager from the other team keeps trying to involve me in his project. He has his own developers, it's their codebase and they know it better, and yet if he finds something so little that he can associate to our team, he drops my name. Why? My life has been so peaceful for a month. The stress from reliving this traumatic assignment will lower down my immune system and I'm gonna die from corona. The virus would just be like, "Yeeaaah, this bitch wanna die right now. Let's fuck this up real good."

I spent the entire February bitching about this team who borrowed me. Even after my assignment with them, their codebase (see recent rants) followed me to my original team. At least it was fine because we forked it and we'll be handling it in the future, meaning:

- I can clean it up.

- I don't have to subject myself to their stupid fucking stand-ups that last more than an hour because no one knows how to update their Jira tickets.

- I don't have to be talked down to or endure sudden power-trips from one of their asshole developers who revel on the fact that he knows the maze more than I do.

- I don't have to perform their hacks to make shit work.

- I don't have to work on unsupported bundled libraries for Python 2. I do not know why the fuck you keep using that shit or starting new projects with that shit when it's long expired.

- I don't have to turn on my webcam during meetings.

- I don't have to be accused of being a snob for not responding to messages in group chats that I'm not even a member of.

- Many more.

But this guy, fuck this guy. I'm already done with that module and it was transitioned to his developer before I went on vacation. I did not hear any more questions for a month. Even if he asks me questions now, I wouldn't mind answering them, just please don't involve me in this type of hell anymore. I still remember the time your team forgot to develop the user interface and I had to take shit, as a back-end developer, that it's somehow my fault (see old rants).

Oh god, no. You have to let me go. If you just want that module disabled for other users, your team can do it. It would be really quick. It's like the easiest part. I don't want to do the hacks you did to make the libraries work EVER AGAIN. I don't want to spend another week of my life setting up that shit and guessing where things are.

It makes no fucking sense. You have your own developers. One of them even told me they can do it. Even way before that assignment, we agreed (and I don't take offense from this) that it would be a lot easier if someone from your team did it instead of me.

I have a bad feeling about this. If you have plans of adopting me, I will hang myself.

I'm just so fucking tired. Arrrrrrrrrrrrrggggggghh.

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    His team is incompetent or maybe he is...

    My team is too... Getting annoyed at my manager lately... Tell him the right way to do things, but he always insists on the quick n dirty way that actually isnt so quick...

    Now anytime I really don't like a problem, I try to get the work to someone else and just act as a mentor.
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    @billgates "the quick n dirty way that actually isnt so quick"

    This is the reason their codebase looks like a maze. They just plug in shit because it's "quick" but they pay the debt every time they have to revisit the code. One of his developers even told me he wanted to refactor the whole thing. Just the insane amount of time it takes to read the code is too much.

    I wish some managers would listen to their developers instead of looking at them and code like something you just plug in and then everything magically starts working. I'm the only back-end developer in my original team and I'm working on something so maybe we can negotiate to have that task assigned to someone else.
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    @rutee07 yes so is ours... When I actually get a problem that I do need to work on, probably 70% of the time is spent trying to trace the logic to understand how the fck does something work and how to change it...

    Usually I can find a whole bunch of bugs and wonder how the fuck hasn't anyone else fixed this yet.

    And there a lot of code duplication. These are js files so for their special cases, rather than refactoring existing code or figuring out how they could extend it, they just copy the whole file and reference that...

    Now I just email the whole team: "I think I found a bug, I'm fixing the one I need for whatever I need it to do. Here are the lines/branch. If you care, test it work for ur code. I'm not responsible if ur shit blows up.

    And all those copies you created that have the same bug? You can go fix it yourself."
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    @billgates "And there a lot of code duplication. These are js files so for their special cases, rather than refactoring existing code or figuring out how they could extend it, they just copy the whole file and reference that..."

    Why is this so common? The same thing happens here. People just give up and copy the whole thing and make the codebase worse than it was before. That other team even implemented a CI/CD pipeline and when asked how they did it, they said they copy/pasted it. How they even manage to debug anything is beyond me. It's like blind programming.
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    Probably they just want to keep living in their happy bubble and keep them vibes good. So they need an outsider scapegoat.
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