Hey all,

I guess most of us are working from home due to COVID-19 outbreak. So I am just curious how it is going for you.

For me hell lot of work .. Like in office I can be free at time and have help too.. But now at home hardly have time for lunch, tea breaks etc. I know Work From Home feels good . but I am not feeling it good for too long :(..

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    actually doing pretty good, making leaps of progress in developing my own infra. I've built clusters, storage nodes, expanded my desktops (built some anew from components i had lying around) and provisioning them...actually building an entire new business...so, good i guess :-)
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    For better (or worse?) it doesn't really seem to change things for me.
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    A lot more syntax errors due to cats...
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    Sounds like your work should be planned better
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    Not much change. Also, I shut down the work laptop after work and switch off the phone that I'm using for office purpose.
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    From experience - you need to make time for lunch and tea breaks, and stick to them. Don't try to plan them around work - just blank off an hour in your calendar and walk away from the PC for the duration of that hour.

    Anything else, you'll find you most likely don't end up taking one at all.
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    The tricky bit is for the rest of the people at home to understand that you are at work and not just sitting in front of the pc again.
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    @Fast-Nop do you have windows on your work laptop?
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    @CorneliusA are you telling me that someone else lives here with me without me knowing? 😮
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    @electrineer Yes of course - or else all the office stuff wouldn't work, and neither the various commercial compilers and IDEs for embedded. Also, I don't suffer from bootophobia and don't get an uptime boner.
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    @Fast-Nop I take that as your full time job is installing windows updates during work hours as you shut down your laptop outside them
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    @electrineer Maybe it helps that I have a laptop, not a craptop. No update issues, no hours of updates, no hanging updates. I guess central IT is doing their job before they roll out the updates company-wide.
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