One of the first things people should be learning is how to google properly. What y’all think

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    I would say computer systems design/architecture, principles of low level languages should be the first thing. There's a direct correlation between not understanding first principles of engineering and time spent looking for answers on Google.
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    Or how to ask a question?
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    @SortOfTested wasn't he talking about the average sub human that isn't a dev?
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    Tagged devrant, I assume dev
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    Duck duck go for the win
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    I have a more general take on it. The first thing any engineer should learn - or realize - is how to use documentation.

    Engineers and devs don't memorize anything. We know how to look it up.

    I'm always taken aback a little when I see students treat reading docs (or googling) as low key cheating. Exams aren't indicative of a work scenario.
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    What worse is that we have to code a program in paper and pencil for an exam?

    That's not how programming work and who remember every function,class name,namespace for the exam?
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