Guess which country this refers to..

Twitter said it was "broadening our definition of harm" to tackle tweets, images and video content that contradicts guidance from authoritative sources of global and local public health information, in an effort to prevent users spreading false cures and conspiracy theories around the virus.

I'm reminded a post of mine about the importance of hand washing was removed because it was considered too controversial..

And when I asked about if paracetamol was a good or bad thing, well, all hell broke lose then, messages got deleted and I got a big telling off by lots of people for asking difficult questions.

Only one message of support that perhaps the research I was pointing to, had a point..

I'm not a fan of conspiracy theories and quack cures, but sometimes there is an element of truth here and there which we should at least explore, because yesterdays quackery, could be tomorrows mainstream solution to something.

And now, we can't even mention practically anything that isn't 'authorised' today !

Baring in mind, yesterdays out of date official advice, isn't allowed to be spoken about either..

Suddenly countries of freedom, are less free than the least free countries..

How long before you get arrested for suggesting COBOL would be a good solution after all..


I'm reminded of one person I know who was in charge of a computer system for a mayor company, and they retired them..

And they was the only person who knew how it all worked !

Since then they have lurched from one mayor computer failure to another, and are now looking at going bust. :-(

I guess we'll be going back to Chinese Whispers at this rate..


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    Nobody wants to be free anymore.
    Everyone wants free stuff.

    People want to live youtube / instagram life of others, like their videos and have everything delivered by robots including sex robots.

    They don’t want to pay for it cause paying means work and they don’t give a fuck about work, work is for idiots.

    Real stars post videos on youtube, make cool pictures and play games on twitch and this is not difficult everyone can do it.

    They think they just don’t have luck or some invisible power is taking this easy stuff from them.

    Funny times.
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    It's been a bit funny for decades I notice.

    I used to join groups who wanted free stuff, but could rarely find anyone willing to help make the stuff for free in the first place !

    Though, interestingly, some companies are now giving away free stuff..


    Actually, its even more weird than that, they are paying folk to take their free stuff !

    How funny is that !
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    Sounds like they want to discredit people doing real journalism. People are questioning the "official" stories presented on the news networks. They are going to the "overwhelmed" facilities at various locations and finding them empty. We should be really concerned why the impromptu journalists are getting different information than the "real" journalists. People are not going to take it kindly to find out we are being lied to.
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    The gradual and constant erosion of free speech and other freedoms. That's the goal.
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    I dunno, when you think about how things like the anti-vax movement gained so much popularity due to the freedom of using social media platforms to disseminate bullshit to the masses, it makes a little more sense to control what's happening on your platform.

    I'm no authoritarian, but most people don't have the critical thinking skills necessary to discern fact from fiction, especially when it comes to online sources. Is the freedom to destroy our society really the ideal we should be striving for? I don't know anymore.
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    @Root What was it again? "Those who would give up essential Liberty, to purchase a little temporary Safety, deserve neither Liberty nor Safety." (Thanks for that, Ben)
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    Unfortunately while I've spent a great deal of time arguing against the anti-vax crowd, freedom has it's costs which must be accepted in order to have a free society to begin with. That includes the death of idiots, the occasional death of non-idiots who come in contact with them, and horror of horror, the loss of their offspring to pandemic.

    Welcome to freedom. It's messy.

    "I'm no authoritarian, but "

    Which is what an authoritarian would start an apologia with, just saying.
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    @jdebs That assumes that the "legitimate" sources are not out to destroy a civilization/form of government. Also, in the Art of War erosion of your enemies moral standards is a strategy. A lot of media challenges those standards.
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    @jdebs The government's role is not to protect citizens from themselves.
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    @Wisecrack I was agreeing with almost everything, and was about to disagree on something until the statement "includes the death of idiots" hit me like a truck. There's no downside to this at all, lncluding letting the idiots die, that would actually only be a good thing.
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    "... is what an authoritarian would start an apologia with, just saying."

    Haha, good point. Semi-related, I told my wife the other day I was going to start saying things like "I'm not racist, but..." and then just follow it up with some benign non-racist comment, just to see people's reactions.

    "I'm not racist, but I think it's supposed to rain today"
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    @Root [citation needed]
    There are laws specifically designed with that goal in mind - and they're arguably a good thing, and make everyone's lives better as a whole. (Can't seem to come up with a good example right now though)

    Of course, we must distinguish between such laws made specifically with good intent and valid arguments behind them, and those with thinly veiled ulterior motives (like what the US govt is trying to do with encryption "for the children").
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    @Nanos most companies that give something are ordered to do so cause they are partially owned by socialists from gov.

    Anything anyone write or say is subjective and as you get older it’s harder to find something that you agree with.

    As a result world is full of shit. I can just go to any news portal and it will show me different numbers about covid sick numbers. European cdc shows different numbers then government shows.

    Current situation for me is typical for Mandela Effect and global schizophrenia.

    Most of people probably have deep physical problems and don’t know about it that’s the real disease.

    Sorry to say that but this world is rotten so much cause of internet. There is nothing to hide and easy to hate and as a result people who got internet from being born will be completely different from people who were born 40 years ago.

    It have so much impact on the planet much bigger then a car, telephone, or anything else cause you don’t need it anymore to read a book or see how it is in china now. You just read ebook or watch live webcam livestream.

    That’s fucking huge and world can’t stand it.
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    @Root In situations like these, it's less about protecting them from themselves, and more about protecting the rest of us from them. It's like banning smoking in public places. We don't really care if someone wants to kill themselves with lung disease, we just don't want to join them via second hand smoke, nor do we want to pay for their healthcare.
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    @Demolishun "All warfare is based on deception". It's exceptionally easy to deceive these days.
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    @jdebs I get what you're saying, but you can't have both freedom of speech and censorship.
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    @endor Laws that say we must obey speed limits is one such example.
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    I prefer to try and engage anti-movements in some kind of debate, and to get the necessary information to try and educate them in the first place, requires me to go and ask questions to the experts..

    Now I can't do that without being lumped together with the anti-folk, this is going to make it more difficult to provide reasons why they might be wrong.

    Now they will disappear into their little bubble groups where it is harder to find them.
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    Has anyone seen the "Electric Dreams: Kill All Others" episode? This concept is playing out in the media constantly. I saw this with Climate Change and now I see this with the pandemic. If you dissent then you are singled out, and it ends all debate.
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