So in 3D printing community prusa is just the best printer there is for the money. I cant argue with that.
But they are making their own filament. Prusament.
And all my friends with 3D printers are using it and saying how amazing it is and all.
So i bought 3kg of it just it was cheap at the moment. I bought only 1 type which was mistake from my side but oh well. (Galaxy black if you are wondering).
Started printing it. Nothing sticks to bed. Huh weird. Cleaned it. Nothing. Huh. Releveled. Nothing. Well shite this is not good.
By some fucking magic all the prints started sticking after second print. Nothing changed BTW.
It looks amazing when printed i must give it that. But i printed upgrade for my printer and there is a little stress on the part as can be expected. I thighten it and it literally snaps in half on me in the layers. WTFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFF.
So i did a test. Printed 100% full cylinder. I could snap it in hands and the layer adhesion is basically shit for a PLA.
I tried printing higher temp (I used 215 normally) and still the same issue.
IDK if its just this specific filament type or all the colors are like that (I will buy different type as it still produces amazing prints that look amazing) and i will see if its any better but i had to use creality filament to get parts that actually dont snap in half on me.

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    We really need standardized materials for 3d printing, instead of every ~motherfuck~manufacturer making their own custom shit.
    Kinda like with metals, where the most common alloys follow international standards and always have the same properties, no matter where they're made.
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    @endor I absolutely agree. It is shit show now where as you said. Every god damn company has their own filament which behaves totally different to others.
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    We've printed all parts during MK2->MK3 upgrade from provided Prusament and haven't seen such issues. (PETG not PLA though)

    You might have to tune not only the hotend temperature but also cooling and material flow. Temp tower and fitting test might help with that.
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    @qwwerty I have done so. That's the issue. Layer adhesion got little better but still shit compared to cheap filament. I will try tuning the cooling fan.
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