I hate this project. Please end it now. I always wake up stressed whenever I work with you. Just let me go back to my team and never borrow me again. I'm tired of being passed the ball shortly before deadline.

Yeah, yeah, everyone knows who keeps missing these requirements and surprising the devs. By this point, you are already notorious for this. I just hate the unnecessary pressure and receiving constant follow-ups when I usually deliver things fast.

You're stressing out your developers. You don't care about anyone's health. This field is stressful enough, having managers like you doesn't help anyone. You don't do your job properly then when someone follows up, you get pressured and then pass on the stress to someone else. You are one of the worst types of human beings on this planet.

I guess what I'm trying to say is, "Good morning."

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    Give me his number, I'll call and pretend to be a new client and occupy his entire morning. I have nothing better to do.

    No really.
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    @Wisecrack I'm worried about your health. Talking to this guy might give you herpes.
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