I do not recommend catching the virus. Especially if you're like me and have a broken immune system.

Holy shit, I'm alive. Somehow.

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    Good luck with the recovery.
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    It knocked me out for a month and a half.
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    I'm not supposed to be at risk, but seeing how healthy people struggle through the recovery, I'd rather stay two more months inside my house.
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    Tomorrow will be the first day I work at home. It's on a staggered schedule where over two weeks, 5 days are in office and 5 days are at home
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    I'm staying about 2 years in mine !

    I think that is how long it will be before we can get a vaccine..
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    Did you have a fever ?

    And if so, did you take anything to lower your temperature, or did you wrap up to keep warm ?

    Note, I hear wrapping up warm is the best approach, and not to lower temperature, unless its so high you are about to die !

    (Quite what "too high" is, appears a bit of a grey area from asking around..)
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    God damn. I’m pretty sure my fiancée and I had it a few weeks ago because we were a bit fucked up over a fever, aches and pains and some occasional coughing but ofc couldn’t get tested because we weren’t dying. It’s so strange how some people react horribly to this and others experience no symptoms at all. Glad you’re feeling better!
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    @Nanos when you hit 40 it's time to pop them pills
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    Related info on fever and viruses, and what is too high:


    > Reducing fever, Part 2

    > Dr. John Campbell

    Above 41.1c ( 106 f ) is considered bad generally speaking.
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