Now, you will think that what I am saying makes no sense, but just look. This is a riddle, or not? Perhaps, you will think that I am drunk or under some type of drugs, but no. This. Is. A. Riddle. Now I am going to write something and something. People will think I am crazy, but this is a riddle. So many time I took from my day to do this, so you better like this. Most of the people here will -- this and continue with their day, like nothing happened, but the smartest, the bests, will stay here and try to understand what the hell all of this means. Nobody will get to the end, even if the end contains a surprise. A very beautiful surprise. I paid for hosting and domain for this. This is a riddle. Did you understood anything that I said? Now I will write something that will appear gibberish to you, but it is very important: something that will appear gibberish to you, but it is very important. Count the letters, the end is in the numbers, or not? Maybe yes, maybe no but I know that you will not know what I know. Found any patterns? By the way, this is a riddle. Is this hard? Yes? I knew it! Numerus est falsum. Hoc enim Latine. Et rectam quae placent animo tuo. Si vos reperio screenshot, iam te medium. Si vos reperio a turma pervenit.
Latin? Greek? Who knows? Are you still reading? This is a riddle.

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