This is a rant/advice.
Did you ever went on Omegle? If no, DO NOT go there, if yes, stop going there. If you really want to, never EVER give your personal details. Some people might find this obvious, but mostly no. Just look at this chat http://l.omegle.com/0a7f2.png and you can see name surname, Facebook and email of those people. They might not be real, but let's just pretend they are. Omegle keeps logs of the chats, and anyone can see them. Just look on GitHub Omegle scraper (or if you want a website that does that for you you can go on my website, https://funtext.ga, I would appreciate it 😁). Anyway, the image I linked earlier is just a very small part of what you can find stored on Omegle. Once I found address telephone number and stuff like that, and let's be honest, anyone with some info like that would do at least a prank on that person... Is that just me? Oh... Anyway, the moral of this story is DO NOT GO ON OMEGLE, mostly if you don't like to see dicks every second or just want to have a normal conversation...

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    Is omegle still full of dicks?
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    @electrineer yes, yes it is...
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    IIRC you can choose to save the conversation after it's finished. Maybe you can only find it if it was saved as public?
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    @electrineer yes, and the API I made for this website is for only public conversations and you said, but I just made a program in c# that gets even the ones that were not saved intentionally by the user, but I am not going to put the code in GitHub or telling how I have done it because I don't know how much legal it was even if it was really simple...
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    Would it be evil to create a Dickbot that:
    - Connects with different users,
    - Spews some automated messages as answers in replies based on some predefined phrases that it looks for,
    - Scrapes the info of the user,
    - Later all the dongs get uploaded and shared on the respective owners Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, etc feed based on matching details between scrapped and profile data (username and email, etc).

    Maybe even add some prerecorded video snippets on a loop as the webcam feed.
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    hiya.. I am omegle user from last 7-8 years ❤️
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    @theKarlisK oh yeah lol
    That reminds me of the Omegle bot I made with Dialogflow xD
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    @Jaspreet3480 I think last time I checked they had moved the dicks to a dedicated adult area. But the regular chat was still full of snapchat etc. porn link spammers so it was tough to get into a real chat.
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