You see a talented developer, and you see all their github pages, and everything is just so professional and good
And then you realize "bruh I wanna be like this"
And then you realize you will never be like this, and just admire the other person's work

It's a strange feeling. Something between strong envy and just awe. More envy than awe

Example: this guy wrote a whole OpenGL bind for GoLang and made it dead simple to use. And it's all open source. And it's all under MIT license.
His name is faiface and he is my idol honestly, mostly because of pixelgl.

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    It's a side effect of being able to reach millions of people. You'll see hundreds way smarter than you who still didn't reach your goals and hundreds who did.
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    @Lor-inc and also we just see the awesome end results. We don’t see the struggles they faced or the circumstances that enabled them.
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    You are interpretting it as a race where there is 10 million racers. You may be in top 10000 and you will still complain about why you are not in top 10. Thats our nature and its a good thing but dont forget: there is also much more untalented developers out there.
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