Have you ever been fired or forced to change position due to you using profanity?

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    Not fired but I've been politely reprimanded. Thing is, it was whilst I was off duty and having a beer with a mix of friends and colleagues. One of my colleagues (who mind you, we never invited anywhere again after this) dobbed two of us in for being a bit profane at the bar in our own group. Our boss had a 5 second chat with us and recommended himself that we don't invite that guy anywhere again. Few months later he had a baby shower and invited the whole department. By then everyone knew he'd snitched and no one from our department showed up.
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    Nope, although it's company policy not too, I'm yet to have any direct issue on the fucking matter.
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    I haven't used profanity in any formal meetings yet, but I've been warned for being aggressive and insulting others during heated discussions
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    @asgs it’s a process.
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    @asgs Thankfully you can call someone stupid without using profanity :D
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    @Jilano and such repetitive behavior has attracted a lot of warnings ;-)
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    That's pretty fuckin childish thing to get fired over.

    I mean I understand it's not "pRoFeSsIoNaL" and all, but still. We're all adults bruh calm down.
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    *jumps on desk*
    *autistic screeches*

    "What are you gonna do, fire me?"
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    A former employee at our company was caught by an overseas client who was watching porn at their VM and client was pissed and reported that to CEO. Apparently watching porn on someone else's VM is biggest example of profanity.

    BTW he wasn't fired. He never did that on someone else computer after that as far as I know.

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    Back when I was in IT-Support I used to have a lot of rage, directed especially at those who would disagree with direct facts.

    Had a long period of sending all my mails to my boss for approval and learned the hard way to corp-talk assholes' ears red.

    I hate every two-faced second of it, prefer to speak plainly, but some nitwits can't handle that and I've had to learn to navigate it.
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