I know this is tagged rant.

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    Meanwhile people bitch about 5G without realising that this is a means to provide the same service using less resources or a better service using the same resources.
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    Sooo..... If you know this is mistagged, then repost it under the right tag?
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    The first days when the confinement started here, I noticed worse latency than usual on my mobile internet.
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    @shoop because this is a rant with a meme
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    yeah well they cut corners on infrastructure and now they're paying for it in satisfaction
    "we only need to support like 60% of our client base at a time right?"

    @kamen YEAH BUT LIKE 5G IS A PLOT BY BIG PHARMA TO BEAM DEMONS INTO OUR HEADS AND i wish i was joking but that's the actual fucking conspiracy
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    Our Internet is constantly having outages (Germany) and its annoying af. 99% availability my ass
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    Yeah, some days ago the internet speed just dropped to dial-up one.
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