I don't care about your goddamn expectations. If you expected a developer to work in two different teams, you should have made that clear during the interview and I would have declined the offer. I apologize that in my universe, it's common sense that a person is assigned to one team unless advised otherwise so I didn't ask that question during the interview. Guess I was so damn wrong. Lesson learned.

I'm not a plug and play developer. If any of your developers can do that, they can go ahead and do just that. Their slave "yes, sir" mentality does not set the bar for me. I do not have to level up to their degree of "excellency". Call me a failure but fuck you. This is why you fuckers should stop glorifying people who work overtime. They provide inaccurate statistics and burn out other developers who want to live their fucking lives.

If you want to do overtime, do it yourself. Your norm shouldn't be my norm. If you want to be the hero that the company is so afraid to lose, good for you. Been there, done that. It was absolute hell and I got nothing from it, not even slimy cafeteria handjobs.

Obviously, I do not fit into this "company culture" so let me be the black sheep that goes baa baa muddafucka.

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    It's really nice to have a life and not expend more than 8 hours work however in an environment where we are asked to differentiate ourselves to get that increase or coveted promotion there really isn't much choice but try to impress. It's what management actually demands to see.
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    Baa baa my advice is if your already that pissed off with them just find something else. Bad companies and bad managers make or break a job. It sounds like they left alot out of the interview like we require over time and team switching. If they didn't inform you correctly that's their fault. And I tell them that when your leaving in a nice way. Maybe they will change their ways in the future and the right person will come along.
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    @skprog I just started looking. I'm tempted to get extended sick leave and use that time to focus on job hunting. Maybe just quit altogether but I'm not sure about the market this time of the pandemic. That manager is literally making me sick. My allergies and headache flare up every time I talk to him.
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