oh god why do my parents have to continuously fight so much? I haven't slept for last 24 hours, and now i have to act like buffer between the 2 of them , getting a taste of both of them's weapons. fuck, i love them both, but why can't they fucking realise 21 yrs ago, that they are not compatible with each other... so sick of everyday's fights ;_; that's it, i am not marrying. not now, not fucking ever. I ain't gonna ruin anyone girl's life unless she knows how stupid, depressed, good, bad, funny, boring, ugly or fucked up i am. period

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    wow great. i scolded my mom , and dad came moments later looking for some irrelevant item (obviously intentionally), both started muttering something, and now they are back on peace terms, talking nicely and laughing. WHAT THE FUCK. THESE WEIRD PPL WERE JUST ABOUT TO MURDER EACH OTHER WITH A BROOM AND BOWL.

    Oh hell oldies are mad. i am definitely dying before turning into this kind of soap opera
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    I feel the same way for my parents. Same reason I've been single for five years. Not gonna commit to another motherfucker I'm not compatible with, also resolving my own issues so it works for the next one.

    I'm talking to one now who has great potential as my mate and last time, he told me that my walls are thicker than the Istanbul fortress walls.

    It may be harder for us to settle down but at least we're careful not to raise another set of broken children with fucked up views about family.
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    @2Large I think that's what happens when you're incompatible but insanely sexually attracted to each other.
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    @2Large you can't stop having a sibling-type relationship plugin to your paid Marriage program after 3~ years of living together. It's on the e-book of non-written rules.

    P.S: Am I drunk?
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    There is marriage counseling. But seriously as adults, if they will just lower each of their egos, stop thinking bad of the other person and talk reasonably and sensibly they could surely compromise. Living under the same roof and not find a way to live together amicably can be quite toxic and unhealthy.
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