I'm a whiny piece of shit. Satan, help me.

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    what's the matter mate ran into a grower? :))
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    One Mr Satan for you.
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    What happened?
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    @NoMad Nothing. I just can't stop whining and I hate everything. *whines some more*
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    @rutee07 welcome to whine-space 😂😂

    Jokes aside, it makes me feel good about myself and my life when others whine about shit going wrong in their lives. 😜
    So don't stop whining.
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    @NoMad I will make a mega compilation and make sure to tag you so you don't miss it. 😄
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    ^ side note: it feels awfully better when I can joke about shit not being right with someone else.
    One of my close friends has that sense of humor that talking with her just makes me turn my rants into self depreciating jokes and it just makes it all more bearable. Just get one of those friends and then ranting becomes more fun 😜
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    @rutee07 I'm looking forward to that 😁
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    @NoMad I want to get fucked in the ass but I have no one with me. Also, I get a bit of poop on my toy when I do it myself.

    I only get fucked in the ass at work and it's not even the good kind. I hate my fucking job. I make terrible decisions in life. I should have worked as a stripper instead.

    I'm running out of leaves but I want to take an extended unpaid sick leave because I hate that manager so much who makes me attend two standups. I kinda don't want to work anymore.

    Also, I'm a dumbass.
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    @rutee07 well, everybody gets to be a dumbass every once in a while. Just don't overdo it cuz shit has consequences.

    And fuck covid. We can all go back to getting laid properly afterward this shit is over.

    Also remind yourself that you're not getting paid to love your job, you're getting paid to do your job. A job is just a job. It won't be there forever, and neither will your stupid or disloyal coworkers. So half-ass it and don't expect others to be anything good.

    Btw, if you were a prostitute, you'd still have to deal with some despicable people, so at least now you don't have to touch them! #ewww
    (you may have to work with some of them, but imagine how lucky you are not knowing what fucked up fetish they're into)
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    @NoMad I kinda don't want to do it anymore though because the job they're asking me to do (work in two different teams) wasn't mentioned during the interview. I already talked to my manager about it and he said he'll do something but so far, that other team still bugs me and asks me to attend their standup. Now I have two standups and have to work with this condescending developer who I'm just done with.

    So yeah, not gonna be there tomorrow. I don't know when I will be back. I just fucking hate them for all of this. They can fire me but I'm never gonna drag myself into depression again like I did in one of my previous companies. I'll be gauging the job market in the next few days. If all is good, gonna talk about resignation.
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    @rutee07 just don't stress yourself out. Put your foot down for staying with the team you want, but don't let them occupy your thoughts with their unpleasant presence.

    Hey, if all else fails, you can join both teams and be merely "busy" most of the time with "meetings" so you don't actually do any work and waste their time while being paid. See if the managers are smart enough to get a hint after a few weeks.
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    @NoMad They're all a bunch of cocksuckers though. The manager and lead allowed me to be borrowed in the first place. I have a feeling that the manager I talked to wasn't able to do much about it as well so fuck them all.
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    My favorite thing to do is suggest an alternative solution, one that works well for all problems when someone requests my help.

    "How about xyZ."

    In particular

    "How about..no."

    They always really ENJOY that answer! It's my favorite response.

    Even got it on a big firetruck red coffee cup, emblazoned in large eyewateringly white letters.

    "how about no."

    Is all you have to say when someone makes a request.

    (Warning - not legal advice. Consult with an attorney/voodoo medicine man for details)

    Join the cult of No.

    Every request from others is a solumn prayer. Be sure to give thanks to Nopethulu by responding with what the Pope Calla gods favorite answer to every amen.."no".
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