The world is talking about all the cool stuff meanwhile I work for a bank for a legacy system. My average finish time per task is 2 weeks, like add a button, a field and save it into the db. The good thing is my pay is higher than the avg. not sure it's good or bad. U use react? We have project in backbone and requirejs. Oh I heard u're on webpack? Whatever..

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    Yeah, banks and insurance companies. Move very slowly - usually. Maybe do side projects with the new stuff to keep current.
    The bank will look good on your resume if you ever look elsewhere.
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    Some mechanical engineers design literal rocket ships. Others design hand rails for factories. Rocket ships sound cooler, but the work life balance at Space X is shit, and the pay is meh.

    There's something to be said for a good income, and a stable life. Just gotta figure out what you want. If you, personally, are unhappy, make a change. But don't feel you need to mix it up just because that's what all the "cool kids" are doing.
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