Payment provider determining transaction uniqueness based on its amount.

How companies like that survive is a major head scratcher for me.

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    Based on amount? Wtf? Name and shame!
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    How two different people could possibly buy the same product is beyond them.
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    its some shit company

    only had to do this because a paying client wanted them

    should have kicked their all their asses out 2 months ago

    and now guess what we're the assholes for not wanting to deploy this garbage
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    We had a payment provider which had its own data format which was akin to CSV but different per their endpoint. Same guys had an issue where if you query a recurring payment right after you create it you MIGHT not get all of the results. We tore our hairs for weeks trying to figure out what was happening and eventually got on a call with them and not only they acknowledged it is a bug but they wont fix it and they recommended that we create a cron which will run the NEXT day when the payments are 100% listed. They are gone now (thank god).

    Last payment provider we had to integrate with has a IP blocking policy where you have to CALL them to add the IPs to the list. Oh and their API server error just responds with 500 with no further info, even when validation is wrong. We had an issue with them for two weeks where their api for payment page didn't work and the problem was on their end that some of their customer support guy added an extra space making their own system fail constantly.
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