About a month ago, we got more than 50% of the employees laid out. I got lucky and got to tje graces of the managers and secure my job. Now I am thinking aboit continuing my works on the current company. They talk about family but doesnot give a shit about their employee. Maximum politics on higher level. But the ower doesnot know a thing about it. Working on a kind of dead language without the small security on the job. Most of you will save switch language and shit. I am not in exactly switching mode. Condition is so worst that i could not afford a computer for myself, even for EMI. Loans and being the only working person of the large family. Could not afford to work on the new job as a trainee for kind of free for 6 month or so. And i am going on depression due to cureent and past situation. Not a single person can and wants to understand it. Going alcoholic(with grace of some shit friends). But i am trying to work everything out. Now i am stuck on the lockdown, limited food. I am learning python now and could not even find a training job on python. Now i am trying to start my own project. Its some complex heavy proiect. But still researching and working on it even for the 15 minutes. Lets hope everything works out.

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