This is a simple rant.
Many will not understand this rant.
Those who understand it will wish me the best of luck and may even wish me that my eyes dont burn and they will be very very sorry that i have to work with it every single day.
Now to the rant.
It is very simple.
Qualcomm CODE.
Those 2 words tell you everything you need to know.

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    For some people who actually work for Qualcomm. WTF are you doing ?

    I have to read and fix the fucking code every single fucking day.

    Because they release "open source shit code" that heavily depends on proprietary blobs.

    Making the matter worse. If something is broken you dont find any documentation on it. Its mostly chinese forums of OEM people that have access to the proprietary code which we dont and then sometimes you hit the treasure box like confidential documentation from Qcom.

    It is just shit mess all around.
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    Ah, the ol' chinese garbage code. Among my favorites reasons to add extra billable hours. Also ideal to get emergency funding to fix whatever happens to crash and burn in real life - all you have to do is nothing and the problem appears by itself. And qualcomm's crap isn't the worst example of chink vomit, if you can imagine...
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    @molaram have you seen their camera code ? So far that is the worst shit I have ever seen.
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    @Haxk20 I have not, but I suspect it should be as bad as what I had on my plate - some connectivity ICs you can find even in some famous 6-figure cars.
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