Am I under drugs?

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    really? O.o
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    I'm imagining this is what happened:

    Person A: put this video on the internets!
    Person B: *puts on internets*
    --- hours later ---
    PA: hey, we need more sizes!
    PB: give me files?
    PA: *gives 720, 1080p files*
    PB: these are kind of large, can you compress them?
    PA: what's a compression?
    PB: I got u fam 🚬
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    @SortOfTested can you do that on YouTube tho?
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    @SortOfTested another possibility - person used presets when exporting the video and didn't pay any attention to codecs or quality levels.

    Probably exported the higher Def vids for YouTube using VP9 and AVI for the 480p one.
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    Let's get as many funny whatifs as possible.
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    @SortOfTested what if ... they put more compression on the higher resolution vids to get the file size down only so it'd get uploaded quicker.
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    The 720p must have been transcoded with a better codec
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    "Those are different videos, duh!"
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    @devapsarl it's this. 720p was probably done using a better codec = lower file size.
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