Why the fuck is it that all those delete drones from SO always have the exact same reply when called upon:

"please try to keep it constructive. " (sure, i'ma start deleting shit rather than helping people)

"You're welcome to your views, but you surely have not been here for long enough to understand the purpose of Stack Overflow, " (lmfao)

"The volunteers you are insulting are doing a lot of thankless work keeping the system going" (i'ma dip my cock in your selfless sacrifice cocksucker)

I was actually trying to help someone with a legit question but this half-brain asshole just didn't like it.

Your fucking system is flawed asshole. Or you wouldn't be having all these problems. But you're too much of a prick with too fat of a cock up your ass to realize it.


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    While I agree that SO is almost too elitist, I am thankful that they raise the bar relatively high.

    Otherwise, SO would be just like Quora or worse.

    But yeah, many peeps over there love having sticks up their bums
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