So there was an initial meeting how this new feature can be done..

Developers and Software Architects decided quickly that it is technically not a real effort. But the problem is, its not the correct way to do it, and it should be solved in a clean way, or we will be fucked for the years to come.

I just got an email, that in the WebEX just held, between Project Lead and Customer, it was decided to do it anyway. Well thanks Project Lead.. Your project ends in 2 years and will be considered feature complete. Congratulations. Fuck whats coming after that, right. The fucks in the support and maintenance we will be having in the years to come arent on your budget, right, so who cares. Enjoy your bonus. Why dont we just go and write IFs everywhere the software needs a feature in the future from now on?

Dude i wish that ONE day, project success will be measured considering the costs following the project, so that all these fucks gotta pay back their success fees. Fucking YOLO i guess

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    On the lighter note, bugs like these create more jobs in IT sector. So in a way, your PM is doing a good deed😜
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