There's this company that I've been courting since October. I pursued them two times and the stars never align so my balls are forever blue with a hint of magenta. It's like that rare Catholic girl that has never received a holy water cumshot from a proper priest.

The first time, I passed the first level (interview with managers and other developers, they loved me) but then they had a re-structuring shit so they paused all hiring. It was fine, I didn't wait.

The second time, they re-opened the position. Someone from their NY office called me for a quick chat to figure out what my "motivations" are and why I want that pussy so bad. I passed the level as well but now, they paused it due to the virus.

They told me, since the genesis, that their process is long and I don't really mind 'cause I love that work (Data Engineer) and they pay for your Masters or some other shit I want to know but wouldn't do but deeeeeeeymn, gorl, you really making me work for that boootey.

By the time this pandemic is over, I'm gonna name a mound after you and call it "Pound Town", we gonna live there.

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