"I love software because it tries to translate the real world into code."

Someone forgot to feed the interns again.

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    Teddy's father came home drunk one night. Now Teddy thinks he has a dark past and can share his wisdom earned from his life struggles to the world. Teddy says shit that don't make sense so he can look deep.
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    I remember when i was so innocent to believe that.

    Now all i want is to pass my next 40-50 years making some money and helping my parents live a decent life, while ruining their hopes. This line is too cruel and soul crushing
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    @StopWastingTime you and me both. I am hoping I don't kill myself along the way.
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    @witchDev i have come to a conclusion that the only happiness i get is when i help the needy. I recently donated like 10% of my internship money to a guy serving free food to the poor and that made me feel better.

    So currently that's my life goal. I had big dreams , getting married to someone who loved me, earning tons, learning a lot and solving big problems , making her and my parents happy, travelling on vacations, going religious and doing charities and free teachings etc...

    Currently none of those seems to happen, but life is young and i could do nothing but be hopeful. No matter what those future 9-5 is going to bring for me,am gonna try my best to donate portions of my check and keep my life a little bit meaningful, that's the plan
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    @StopWastingTime hey can we have some too
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