Learning to write unit tests for angular 1.x 😄, why?... Cause I have to hahaha. Learning how to do something ridiculously complex for a framework I will never see again after this is replaced. Maybe I’ll be able to pull some concepts form it at least or be able to say “oh this testing suites nothing I use to work with angularjs stupid bullshit” or something

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    Overall it had a pretty good mocking set for internal pieces. Providers were a PITA, but not too bad.
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    @SortOfTested the mocking pretty difficult I think. The documentations what’s making me angry. Angular.mock.module is everywhere with almost no documentation as to what it actually does
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    It's definitely decayed over the years. No active development has that effect.
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    i've always wondered how people do tests on code... do they just use some program that just fucks with it to check for known bugs or
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