The fact that my room is 2.5x2.5 meters, and I have to sit in it 24/7

I feel like a sardine in a box

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    How'd you manage to get such a small place? OK, I was a student once, living in a 12m² room in a flat shared with two other guys in rooms of similar size, for 3 years… now I'm rather glad my bedroom, where the desk is, measures about 3m by 7m, and one of the smaller sides has a large door opening into the winter garden…
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    Plot twist: you are a sardine.
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    @SomeNone im 16, and live with my parents, and the flat is ok, but when the time came to separate me and my sister into different rooms, she hogged the larger one, and I got the smaller one.

    @rutee07 I guess I shall go dip myself into some boiling hot oil to fry myself
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    @shoop which one of you has the virus
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    @electrineer neither, we both self isolate. We were separated like 6 years ago so
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    @shoop Happened to me as well with my sister when I was around your age, it seems to be the rule of life. With siblings the sista gets the bigger room
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    @molaram scp 610 has breached containment
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    How bout ...going outside and listening to a programming podcast?
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    @jiraTicket what about quarantine and A-levels is a couple of days?
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    @shoop A-Levels, sure, but besides of that topic I see no problem when with going out when the glorious days of A-levels are gone.

    The point of quarantine is to have a social distance. When there are no people or animals around you outside - given that you are not surrounded by corona virus particles on virus-friendly surfaces -, you're fine being outside of your home.
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    @-ANGRY-STUDENT- you used to get giant fines if you were seen outside back when quarantine was stricter in Cyprus
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    @frogstair gotta collect them taxes somehow
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