So this guy @epse was saying how half his class couldn't even write a five line function.

And I couldn't help but think
Holy shit! So I'm really NOT incompetent after all!

I am the MASTER of five line functions. I write them all the time. ALL my functions are five lines. It's the only correct way to write functions!

Like putting an opening bracket on the same line as the function declaration.

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    ) {

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    @Root curly braces*

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    I made a VS2019 extension for our company for counting number of lines in a block of “{}”. We aim at 30 lines functions.
    Rules are :
    • All “//” comment at the end of line is removed
    • Lines which only contains “{“ or “}” (Or any number of them) are ignored
    • Empty lines are ignored.
    Still working on “/*” type of comments and still working on making it work in CodeLens. But it’s fun haha
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