So I am an average final year engg student with
backlog in a subject that i hate and have already failed twice. Apart from that am a decent dev with a okay-ish resume who can code good stuff.
May is about to come and most probably we will be having papers. Should I :
a. continue studying my college subjects because I will have shit falling on me once the papers start and thus that's most important right now ?

b. go out and look for remote internships/jobs because our cash is running out and family needs money ?

c. cry in the corner of my closet because i don't have the balls to make this decision?

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    Maybe work some paid freelancing jobs while also studying even if its your least fav sub. At least, you'll pass and will never have to look back.
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    Get a part time job or two, and continue studying.
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    Study and get part-time or freelance work. Check your school, they may have work available to students. Try your best to do both. It may be hard but it will help you be stronger plus it looks better on your resume. Working student screams hard worker. It's not about the grades but the guts to the hard stuff.
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