Last week, I accidentally created a group chat with all the project members included. I saw it, pretended not to see it, stopped going online for days, and just let them figure out what happened. Just forget me, please.

After that, my brain kept torturing me with scenarios where I'll send something "odd". Today, I sent this message to a guy and even though I'm using my phone, a different app, and saw his texts in the evening, my morning brain decides to panic that what if I sent this during my semi-awake moment and actually sent it from my work laptop in the project group chat?

I never use my work laptop for personal shit but my brain is my brain, it sure loves to drive me insane. Now it says, "But what if?"

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    @sweetnothings That app freaked me out too! Seeing my sad face from the very beginning, haha. I never found a use for it though and I don't know many people who use it.

    I was thinking about leaving the group but that would just let them know that I know what I did.
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    I came here hoping to see a dick pic sent by mistake to a work group chat. I am disappointed.
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    @molaram What do you mean by "sent by mistake"?
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    Literally while reading this my brain started panicking what if I create a group chat with all my colleagues and send there a message like this. It's Saturday and I don't have to work or even touch work laptop until Tuesday but..... "what if" 🤷‍♂️
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