One small feature..

A flake of red pepper on a big plate of spaghetti..

One wrong move and everything could CHANGE.

In the hostile jungle of the Kumar, the Manoj, and the Lohar lies the maze-like spaghetti crop circles where skeletons of developers lost forever between classes and functions decorate the kingdom of doom.

Follow Johnny as he attempts to put that pepper on the big bad spaghetti monster. Will he survive? Or will he suffer the same fate as everyone else?

Spike up your blood pressure and waste your life in this eye-rolling, vein-popping, death-inducing action adventure film.

"Johnny Sins: The Meatballs Within"
In coding camps near you.

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    Not sure if this is a synopsis for a culinary movie, a documentary about spaghetti code or the prelude to a porn movie starring the man himself.
  • 3
    @HerrNyani Or a combination of the three!
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    Dude, fuck Manoj. I cannot work with that guy.
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    I don't get all the references, but you should definitely start writing novels on how to (not) implement/do things..
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    And the times Johnny wants to nuke the jungle to ashes
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