I love bluetooth and I always use it to share files. What about you?

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    I prefer 5G. More controversial.
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    When it works it works, when it doesn't, it fails spectacularly...
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    I prefer using a shared folder or just wired

    @AlmondSauce Careful not to catch the "gay", COVID, or whatever those people say nowadays
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    I think it's a bit too slow for transfering any larger amount of data like over 100mb
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    I transfer internet from my phone to another phone just because I'm embarassed to ask the pass.
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    I prefer irda
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    Bt was cool 15 years ago
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    @netikras Ha! I remember that
    It was so clunky, yet, the feeling was great when you could actually get it to work
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    I fill a file with random numbers. It's faster than Bluetooth and has about the same amount of silent copy errors.
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