When your local shops start to run short, thank goodness for online ordering of out of date MRE's !

A friend of mine nearly 1,000 miles away reports all their local shops shelves are empty..

As The Hitchhikers Guide To the Galaxy would say, "Don't Panic!"

Only trouble with ordering online is that the shipping service to this island has reduced to 1/20th of what it was, so things are going to take even longer than they took before !

As such, I've put in an order that should reach me just before Christmas..

Assuming there is anyone alive to deliver it..

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    In my city, it's the opposite. The first few weeks, people were hoarding and the shelves were almost empty despite falling in line for hours in the morning.

    I guess the stores started catching up and people decided to calm their titties because yesterday afternoon, I thought I was dreaming or most people just died because there were very few people in the store, fewer than during the days before this virus and all the shelves are fully stocked!

    I went to the cashier and I was second in line then another one opened and the cashier asked me to go there instead. I feel like I'm dreaming.
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    @rutee07 much the same here. Was a few items that was out of stock but now most is back to normal except people.

    But thankfully most also respect the distancing rules.
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    > or most people just died

    My money is on this one. :-)

    I'm reminded of:


    And, locally our government won't tell us where people are dying (Let alone the full numbers..), but if I was wearing my conspiracy hat, I'd be wondering why a large unmarked van reversed right up over someones lawn up to their front door late at night, at two different neighbours properties here.

    Was they delivering something heavy, or taking someone away.. ?

    Why park so close, why arrive at night, one lawn was on a hill, so not so easy reverse and let a mess of the lawn the next morning..

    Mysterious !
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    I guess to know what is really happening in China, we'd need someone from there to tell us.

    But I can't even tell you what is happening in my country. :-(

    Since no one in authority will tell us, and if you ask in public online, folk tell you off for asking questions !

    Not bumped into anyone yet who has sent me inside information.

    I miss the old days when I had my finger on the pulse of the nation.

    Which is one of the reasons I moved to a small island far from civilisation since I found out they wasn't prepared for any disasters !
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