How do you deal with difficult people in your team?

Right now I’m dealing with a lead that’s such a drama queen. Whenever an issue comes up, he starts whining and slacking + messaging me on Teams even after work hours or holidays:

- hey, this is not working
- are you there?
- guys?

Sometimes it’s a really simple thing to solve (he could have fixed it himself or at least investigated). Sometimes he caused the issue but thinks that I did it. Until I point out his error and he “oh, thanks, mate”.

What annoys me mostly is that he doesn’t investigate the issues unless he has no choice. His first reaction is to message everybody.

Sometimes his messages are incomprehensible and I have the burden of first decoding what he means (which pisses him for some reason) and then get my hands on the problem. By the time I figure the problem, it’s already late in the afternoon and I wasted my day on these things.

When he doesn’t get responded, he starts escalating the issue with the PM.

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    Not much you can do, other than try to let it go. Anything you actively do will make you the villain.
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    The lead I had in one project, wants me to screenshare while investigating then when reporting summary of issue there's that feeling you are defending your work because the items will be double-checked and again with the screenshare even on the minute tasks. I just do what is asked and swallow my annoyance and laugh if off together with other workmates on same project. At the end of the day, we know we do great work and that's the best proof we are way better than them. Just be the better person you already are.
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    "Hey PM, I've had X requests for basic help from Bob over the last few days, which means I've not had time to finish (y priority feature). How would you like me to prioritise going forwards?"
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