Not seeing my students while I teach and coach them. I've lost quite a couple of them due me not being able to literally sit next to them and talk with them. Online lessons are okay bit it's the physically being there that makes me get those students back on track. Now I can not reach them. Ugh.

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    You can get creative. Ask a student a question or ask them to sing a sing with you.

    Study comedian they know how to get people attention.
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    @mr-user the problem isn't the lessons themselves, they're quite okay. Though it's a cool suggestion, thanks!
    The problem is that the students having a hard time normally are in school and I just can sit next to them and talk with them. Get them back on track by just being there and listening. Now I need to call them home but they just won't answer. I literally lose sight of them..
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    You are talking about emotional support. I see how that would be difficult if you cannot get in touch with them.You are a rare kind of teacher, keep up a good work.

    The only advise I can give you is that while you are having a online lesson, send a private message to the student you want to talk to in secretly.It's important to send the message secretly so the student you want to talk to may not want other student to know he/she is having a problem.
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