I received my evaluation and instead of getting fired, they gave me some really good feedback. I'm surprised.

After weeks of bitching, the other team finally removed their JIRA issues from me. Now I have more time to focus on my original team and we're gonna start on building stuff from scratch for the new version of our product so it will be goodbye spaghetti soon.

Since I'm a regular employee now, I've unlocked some special benefits. They have quite a lot but two of my favorites are - 30 days paid vacation and I can arrange for more if I allocate my benefits right and $6k reimbursible travel expenses. Those two suit my current goals pretty well.

As always, since the dawn of time, they gave me high ratings on technical skills and just a "good" on functional, it's always been a weakness of mine. The client said I finish things on time, often days earlier than the deadline. I guess I'll slow down a little bit and try to learn more on the functional side? But it's gonna be a fun ride since they have no documentation.

I just feel motivated now. 😊

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