I just got rejected by Amazon. Feeling a little demotivated right now. I have been told that I was pretty close and should reapply within 6 months. I too think I missed it by a small margin. Mostly behavioural questions they ask. I have spent entire pandemic lockdown solving leetcode, doing system designs. I guess at least I have some knowledge with me right now. It could have changed my financial situations by huge margin. Alas! shit happens in life. Not sure what to feel.

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    Amazon is not a company worth pursuing anyway.
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    might be a hood dodged bullet my dude. I have met two different devs from Amazon, unreleted by department and even location that hated working there due to pressure and management demands.

    Chin up, cheer up, you'll get your chance somewhere better
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    Amazon or AWS?
    Based where?
    Curious about the technical questions if you can share.
    I've read about AWS's hiring practices. Seems like an interesting interview
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    Former AWS here, we tell everyone that. There's a policy against interview feedback.

    Edit: we also don't really care about leet code. You'll fail if you can't solve the questions reasonably, but your questions to the personal and professional loop questions matter a lot more.
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    @dan-pud For a moment I thought you wrote a poem
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    @SortOfTested I realised that, I did well enough technically. But was not satisfied myself with the professional loop questions.
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