Seen this on a couple of rants this morning. WTF is a 10x developer?

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    Imma just be unhelpful and say don't know.
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    If you don’t know then you don’t know! Clearly you’re not a 10xer
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    In short: That dev that can do anything, know when it's appropriate to do something and argues back when something is wrong.

    For a decent idea on the matter: https://stackify.com/10x-developers...

    But at the end of the day, it's a buzzword like "rockstar" or "code ninja"
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    So much bullshit in tech over the last few years.
    I’m probably just getting old but it seems that we have to have buzzwords for everything.
    People can describe themselves however they want, as soon as you think you have reached the top and have nothing else to learn, when you see yourself above everyone else then you deteriorate.
    10x, codeninja, rockstar etc is all a load of bollocks! In my opinion anyway.
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    A superstar Dev who has 10x the productivity of a normal Dev.

    It's complete and utter bollocks of course. If you think youve found such a Dev, your current Dev is either a lazy arse or the 10x Dev is is being forced to work stupid hours and will burn out. Or he's coming you into thinking he's working 10x as much as he actually is.
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    One example would be Graham Paul who wrote Yahoo stores just together with his buddy. He was a supercharged dev because he used LISP, as he claimed.

    What he also did was creating an unmaintainable mess (probably the idiomatic opaque LISP tuple soup) that later had to be completely rewritten in C++, and that's a part of the story that he doesn't like to tell. His pretext is that the following devs just were not good enough to understand his genius code. Yeah sure.
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    It's just another fucked up title like rockstar Dev, code ninja etc
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    Unicorn of software Industry.
    A Mythical creature.
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    It's not like we couldn't describe such developer with adj. "universal", people just like to show off or make title that anybody can mock to their advantage.
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    Thanks, UnicornPoo, for asking. I didn't know either, but didn't have the energy to rant about it.
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    @UnicornPoo Nah, if you go into any corporation it becomes very clear very quickly who's competent and who just works there. There's always that one guy that does seemingly everything and has all the responsibility

    That's a 10x coder
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    @12bitfloat I don’t think it has anything to do with competency, of course there are more competent developers than others but it’s all relative to who else you are working with.
    Saying you are a 10x coder has the connotation that you have some kind of coding super power. I’ve met quite a few people who would give themselves this title for being able to create a macro in Excel.
    I just think it’s a term based on absolutely nothing concrete.
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    From one of the URL's mentioned:


    The bottom line is that 10x developers are really good at quickly determining what needs to be accomplished and what questions to ask.


    I'm reminded of a problem a customer had, their database was slow..

    Within an hour I had speeded up searches from 20 seconds, to less than 1 one.

    I only had to change one line of code !

    To load the database onto the hard disk and run it from there, instead of the CD drive..
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    @mahir-halani Well the productivity can easily be 10x. The catch is that the studies measured 10x not between best and median dev, but between best and worst.

    Counting it that way, the median dev is already a 4x dev, and the 10x is a 2.5x dev compared to the median dev.

    These 2.5x are not through hacking in more code, rather the opposite, to have a better idea of what has NOT to be done. It's making better than average decisions over the whole project life. Finding potential issues already in the design phase instead of after rollout to the customer. Being smart beforehand, not just in hindsight.
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    @AlmondSauce I'm a tenth of a developer then.
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    It's the observation that the difference between programmers in terms of skill can be enormous.

    10X is a simplification from one study that found some programmers to be 10 times more productive than others. Some people can be orders of magnitude more effective.

    This comparison can fail in some ways though. Productivity isn't always fixed and a lot of people can mistake it for rushing, which is a major problem.

    10x devs won't necessarily get there by cutting corners or taking shortcuts. They build lean code that's minimal yet minimally complete, robust and well organised.

    Some people think they are being efficient by doing things such as simplification but often instead they're stupifying where as a 10X developer will tend to be better at simplifying without stupifying.

    The difference can also be qualitative not only quantitative. A 10X dev may be able to do somethings that 10 normal devs put together couldn't.
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