After this lockdown, I think I'll have my brain scanned. I had too many incidences where I thought I didn't do something but it turns out I did. It's been happening ever since I was a junior developer.

Yesterday, I told my boss that I didn't finish a certain feature because I was borrowed by another team. I planned to finish it now and while I was testing, it was working and the feature was already there. I checked the code from the original source to see if that feature existed a long time ago, it wasn't. It only exists in my workspace which means I finished it but have no recollection of finishing it.

I remember similar incidents in previous projects. One from my first year in development where my senior complimented my work and I said I didn't work on that then he showed me the documentation, source code, and the last modified by. It was all me.

It may sound like a good problem to have but I can imagine people getting annoyed when I "deny" working on something or just me sabotaging myself for saying I didn't finish something when I actually did. It's also creepy as hell not knowing the person who accomplished the task for you when that person is actually you.

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    @M1sf3t "It's something that I did while on autopilot and the task just didn't fully register with the memory bank."

    I think this could be it. Glad to know I'm not the only one experiencing this.
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    @M1sf3t It would be interesting to watch a video of you doing these things and seeing yourself do things you don't even remember doing. :D

    Feels like a stranger doing things for you.
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    Lol. If I ever get amnesia it would go undiagnosed for years, cuz this goldfish can't remember shit. So yeah, lists and writing down just about everything.
    (mine might be caused by constant anxiety, cuz who forgets what they literally just did?)
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    There's a reason checklists reduce the number of mistakes by a huge margin. But even with those I sometimes read code from the day before and wonder how I could write such obviously wrong code while being awake.
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    Your working overtime while your asleep. Like sleepwalking.
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    yeah I would see a neurologist...you don't want something like that getting worse as you get older and have it not diagnosed. Shit just trying to picture that happening to me would scare the shit outta me lol what an emotional rollercoaster! Hope you figure it out!
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    @jbrandona119 That is actually my concern. I may have some sort of disease that people usually get at an old age and it could get worse. I'll have it checked as soon as I can. Thank you.
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    This kind of amnesia is a common symtom of sleep deprivation. Not saying it's the case here, but if you lack sleep try fixing that and this problem might go away.
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