So I'd like to start my (late) morning by throwing some shits and fucks at ruby, more precisely rvm and rbenv:

Why the fuck is it so hard writing scripts that work? I can script a fucking ruby build from 0 to 100, why the fuck can't your "amazing tool" set up paths and all the other shits so I don't get a fuck ton of alerts at night from CI just because rvm decides to INTERMITTENTLY not do it's job?

Why does it say it works and makes things easier when it doesn't? Why the fuck are you lying?

Why do I have to divert my focus and waste my time trying to figure out why it doesn't do the ONE thing it's supposed to do: install.ruby. That's it. No recompiling kernels, no launching fucking spaceships, no rewiring silicon structures, no quantum effects, just a plain simple ruby installation, one single version.

Why am I supposed to have a phd to work with this crap?? why can't it ever just fucking WORK as it says it does and should? Is it some kind of complex conspiracy to keep me busy so I can't play with my dog or what the fuck??!?!

I hope whoever wrote this crap sees this one day: GET YOUR SHIT TOGETHER or stop publishing open source software that waste our time.
Oh It wOrKs On My cOmpUtER and AlL teSts PaSS. I don't give a flying fuck. I hope all developers who think their job is done when it works on their box and tests pass get dick rot. Your job doesn't end there. Software should be intuitive and easy to use, not just "work'. No traps, no gotchas, no caveats, no endless configs and files and settings and vars and shits and ifs and buts.

Your product is not just a piece of code, but also the time you save people who use your crap. And you've fucked up.

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    Back to this after some hours wasted:

    Apparently some of my guys, me and whoever the fuck wrote rvm we all went for the stupid "make vars names easy simple etc" bullshit and had a collision that was fucking up a metric ton of shit.

    So an overdue lesson has been learned: next time a PM/PO/reviewer/pair says to use $file or $f or "eAsY tO UndErStaNd" variable names or whatever, just smack the fucker's teeth out the window archie style.
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