For an IDE as popular and as recommended as Code Blocks, don't you think its barely usable or at least stable?

Or am I using it wrong? What's the catch?!

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    Definitely not popular or recommendable tbh. I don't think anyone but casual or competitive folks use it.
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    @RememberMe I see, though I have found code blocks listed in top 3 in almost all polls/ articles / recommendations.

    What do normal folks use then ?
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    I've never used Code::Blocks because it always looked too simplistic to me. Like a "beginner IDE" sort of thing
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    @sudocode Depends on what language you're using. Most people use Visual Studio, IntelliJ, Eclipse or nowadays VS Code
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    This. I've never heard popular as an adjective for code blocks.
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    code blocks is still way better than turbo c or turbo c++ .Although those poll guys need to update their list to 2020.
    its mostly vscode ftw, but if you are doing c/c++ and a programming beginner, the code::blocks provide the perfect level of usability and complexity .
    its more easy to use than turbo-shit , but user needs to configure some stuff before hand, teaching them how to set up environment.

    The best ides usually come from the wonderland sof jetbrains and microsoft, and in windows i usually prefer notepad++ over vscode for most of my stuff
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    @2Large Isn't Turbo C like 20 years out of date
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    [Insert obiwan here]
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    Please consider using an IDE with symbol inference, debugging and language service integration (as opposed to same file auto-completion) rather than NP++.

    As a lead engineer I've never seen a dev be productive using NP++. I do routinely see errors most toolchains would catch appear in PRs.
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    If you're using code blocks you really need to look around. I used it for quite a bit of time and when I explored other options, it felt like crap! So outdated, least usable, worst user experience.
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    @SortOfTested i don't use it for coding. its just like gedit for me when i log back in windows: a quick way to look into text/code files with syntax highlighting.

    VsCode is good, but its still an ide , and once we add a couple of extensions to it, it will take a considerable amount of time to open
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    @2Large VS code ain't an IDE. At least in the regular sense. It's a great text editor though. Are you sure you don't mean Visual Studio? Code should open pretty much instantly
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    @12bitfloat nope the vscode .Initially its fast,(but still not as fast as mirosoft's notepad/n++) but once you start installing extensions its ide-level fast : like if i have to rate a lot of IDEs (eclipse, jetbrains ,vscode , atom etc), it still comes at top, but not against npp or notepad .

    Maybe its just a personal opinion. To me, anything that can have a compiler/terminal attached to it and open a workspace in it is an IDE.
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    It's dead simple and the compile process always works unless you're literally missing the compiler binary or the STL header files, hence it's good for novice programmers and remains usable for all but larger projects. If you have make or any other build system you might as well just use a good text editor like nppp, gedit, or vscode, or if you don't mind the complexity, a proper IDE.
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    have never used/heard of it
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