I hate video calls. I don't need that social awkwardness following me in the comfort of my own home.

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    How about the excuse to disable the video because of poor internet.
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    @iamai That's excuse too. Fiber just isn't enough, you know
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    @Jilano I don't have Fiber and sometimes even have to rely on mobile internet which is even slower. When I try to video conference my face would feeeze which is bad if it froze on an awkward expression.

    Nobody would probably get angry if one doesn't share video? There's also the option to upload a profile pic.
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    Custom backgrounds, make some fun with it - unless it's a more formal meeting.
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    @iamai Live Jasmine doesn't allow their employees to refuse video calls.
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    Marker, paper, bend
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    @rutee07 Did you stop doing chatroulette? I guess its a long time ago that was relevant.
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    @theuser I moved on to Chaturbate.
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    @rutee07 It does do well with OnlyFans and Twitch on the side.
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